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Club testimonials

“I have been a member for 10 years and have seen people grow and develop.  We have many social events and it gives disabled people a place to go and meet others and create friendships.”

“I have found Wagtails to be incredibly welcoming, understanding, highly supportive, friendly and professional.  I rely on this Club as a major part of my son’s week”

“I have been a member for 10 years and Wagtails is very special to me”

“I have many friends here”

“The Club allows my children to swim with other disabled people and we can swim with them as carers.  The Club is invaluable to their development and to us as a family”

“I like to meet my friends, I like the Galas and I feel welcome amongst others with disabilities”

“I have always swum at QE and now I am disabled I can only swim with Wagtails. This is very important to me for exercise and company”

“Swimming with Wagtails is a big part of my exercise routine and I love to meet my friends and go to Galas”

“The Club provides helpers which I need for my MS.  It is good exercise, a social event and good for my mental wellbeing”

“Having been in the Club for over 10 years it is very important in my social life.  My mother can come along to the social events as well”

“I love coming to swim with my friends and it is good value and great exercise”

“My son has learnt to swim here and it is a vital part of his routine”

“The water is warm and the parking easy”

“This is my only meeting with others with disabilities”

“I like to see my friends, it is near my home and good exercise.  I can take part in Galas and I like the social events”

“I have been a member for 17 years and it keeps me fit.  I can socialise with my fellow members and I like competing with other swimmers in the Galas”

“I am good at swimming and it is a skill I have learnt independently and it is important for my health”

Rita's tribute to Liz 
who is leaving Wagtails after 20 years as a swim coach

Liz has been a stalwart helper for many years, and her reliability has been flawless. It is so nice to be able to rely on your fellow helpers to be there and to share the workload.

She has been managing the gala timings for years on end, and her meticulousness has been much valued by all the swimmers. Her precision is such an asset to the club. This combined with her kindness, her gentleness in her approach, the way she is so quietly spoken but gets things done all the same, is really remarkable. Her talents as a swimming teacher are also invaluable.


Liz is a remarkable person in every way. She has been there for all the swimmers and the fellow helpers, as well as a much-valued committee member.


To me as a fellow helper, she has been such an asset both because of her precision in the swimmers’ gala timings, her  precision in running the rota, and her reliability. If she says she will be there, she will be there come what may. That is what the club needs to run effectively, kind and reliable helpers and Liz is certainly that. She has also kept a close eye on people’s welfare, by telephoning members, making sure they can attend the galas, making sure they are well, etc. She has been a stalwart over the years, and she has always been an excellent team member. Her organisational skills are much appreciated by all.

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