How to join

We are currently at maximum numbers so are unable to take on new members at the moment.  Please contact us if you would like to go on the waiting list.

We meet every Saturday at Q.E. Leisure Centre from 11.15am to 1.15pm.
Please check in with the Wagtails Meet & Greeter who can help with any queries. 

Please scroll down to read more about sessions, joining and charges.

Click here to download a Joining Form.  

Please note:
Wimborne Wagtails provides some support in the pool with volunteer qualified
swim teachers and trained pool helpers but this is subject to availability on the day, so cannot be guaranteed. 

Wagtails' volunteers do not work on Bank holiday weekends. 

Supporting parent/carer goes free.

Membership Benefits

The benefits of joining our Club are:

  • discounted swims in a privately hired pool

  • qualified volunteer swim instructors at sessions*

  • volunteer helpers in and out of the water where needed*

  • the chance to gain swim awards

  • the opportunity to compete in Galas

  • the chance to join in various social and fundraising events 
    (subject to availability.)


Swim Information from July 2021

  • Do not come to the leisure centre at any time if you have any symptoms of covid 19 or you have had recent contact with anyone who has had covid.


  • Please bring with you a covid kit - face mask, hand gel and/or antibacterial wipes, tissues.


  • There will now be two swim sessions each week, at 11.15 am and then at 12.15, and you will be allocated to one of them. It isn’t possible for you to choose which group you are in.  Please arrive on time.  So from 11.00 for session 1 and 12.00 for session 2.

  • The Wagtails swimming coaches will be there to help.  If you have a carer who swims with you they can still do so.

  • Lifeguards will be there as usual and they will help anyone who gets into difficulties while swimming, work the hoist etc.  Non swimming carers are asked to wait outside unless they are needed to help with changing.  If so, they can sit in chairs provided poolside. The observation areas are closed so other carers can either sit poolside or wait outside.

  • QE has organised the pool into 3 wide lanes. You will be given a lane to swim in and it is important that you keep in your lane and as far apart as possible when you pass another swimmer.

  • Each group will have about 45 minutes swimming time. We ask that you keep swimming as much as you can because we will have social distancing problems if swimmers stop at the ends of the pool.

  • There is no problem if you want to get out before your swim session ends. Lifeguards and helpers will show you where to go when you get out of the pool.

  • Please bring your own drinks and snacks - the cafe and the vending machines at QE are not open. There are benches outside the centre you can use to chat to friends.


  • QE staff have worked hard to make the leisure centre as safe as possible for swimmers. The Wagtails committee has spent a lot of time thinking about the needs of our members and we hope we have covered everything. But, at the end of the day, we can’t guarantee you will be safe and you all have to decide whether you feel comfortable coming back to swimming.

Charges from 1st April 2021

Tariff                                      Swim          Membership     Payment terms

Adult Swim Pay Monthly        £4.00         £1.00                £5.00 per month by standing order to Wimborne Wagtails

Child Swim Pay Monthly        £4.00         £0.50                £4.50 per month by standing order to Wimborne Wagtails

Adult Swim (PAYS)                £2.50          £12.00 p.a.       Cash to Meet & Greet.  Annual membership applies.

Child Swim (PAYS)                £2.00          £6.00 p.a.         Cash to Meet & Greet.  Annual membership applies.

Non—swim member              N/A             £12.00              Annual membership due 1st April or a year after joined.



NAME                                     WIMBORNE WAGTAILS

SORT CODE                          30 97 08  

ACCOUNT NUMBER             00816854

NB If any swimmer needs help to set up a standing order Alex can assist.



ALEX (01202 826443)