How to join

We recommend you come along for a couple of taster session
in the pool first before deciding to join.  Please contact us to arrange a suitable date.

We meet every Saturday at Q.E. Leisure Centre from 11.15am to 1.00pm.
Please check in with the Wagtails Meet & Greeter, based in the reception lounge, who can help with any queries. 

Please scroll down to read more about sessions, joining and charges.

Click here to download a Joining Form and Support Profile.  

Please note:
 Wimborne Wagtails provides some support in the pool with volunteer qualified
swim teachers and trained pool helpers but this is subject to availability on the day, so cannot be guaranteed. 

Wagtails' volunteers do not work on Bank holiday weekends. 


Supporting parent/carer goes free.

Membership Benefits

The benefits of joining our Club are:

  • discounted swims in a privately hired pool

  • qualified volunteer swim instructors at sessions*

  • volunteer helpers in and out of the water where needed*

  • the chance to gain swim awards

  • the opportunity to compete in Galas

  • the chance to join in various social and fundraising events 
    (subject to availability.)


Swim Information/Joining and Charges from January 2020



  1. Wagtails hiring the pool directly from Q.E. from January 2020

  2. Changes in the way membership and swims are paid from April 2020

  3. Notice of resignation of Chairman and Vice-Chair



  • From 1st January 2020, for Saturday sessions only, Wagtails will be hiring the pool privately from Q.E. Leisure Centre for 46 weeks of the year.  This means the Club will have a secure contract with Q.E. to protect the session, the pool will be for the exclusive use of members, which gives more scope to develop supported sessions and activities.  It also means we no longer need to use swim passes.


  • From 31st December 2019 swim passes will be discontinued.


  • From 1st January to 31st March 2020, Wagtails Saturday swim sessions will be free for all members – to be funded from Coop funds.


  • From 1st April 2020, annual membership will be £12 per adult and £6 per child.  Membership benefits include help in the pool from qualified teachers and helpers and the chance to take part in swimming Galas, to gain swim awards, to attend hydrotherapy sessions and take part in various fundraising and social events (some free and some subsidised). 


  • From 1st April 2020 we will be introducing a new Pay Monthly charge for swim members using the Saturday sessions. Membership and swim fees will be combined into a monthly fee.  This offers good value and for ease, swim members will be asked to set up a monthly standing order to the club, which they can cancel at any time.  Membership renewal forms will not be required anymore.  Swimmers already paying by monthly standing order need not change anything and will be refunded for January—March 2020 payments (£15).


  • A Pay As You Swim (PAYS) option will still be available but annual membership will be required in advance.


  • Non-swimming members will continue to pay their membership annually in advance, due 1st April or a year after they first joined.


  • Please note that the disabled swim session on Monday will no longer be included in Wagtail’s membership.  Members accessing that session will need to pay Q.E. at the desk.   Also on the bank holiday weekends when Wagtails will not be hiring the pool swimmers will not be able to swim as QE will be hiring the pool out privately.  These dates are 11th April, 9th May, 23rd May, 29th August, 19th and 26th December.


Charges from 1st April 2020

Tariff                                      Swim          Membership     Payment terms

Adult Swim Pay Monthly        £4.00         £1.00                £5.00 per month by standing order to Wimborne Wagtails

Child Swim Pay Monthly        £4.00         £0.50                £4.50 per month by standing order to Wimborne Wagtails

Adult Swim (PAYS)                £2.50          £12.00 p.a.       Cash to Meet & Greet.  Annual membership applies.

Child Swim (PAYS)                £2.00          £6.00 p.a.         Cash to Meet & Greet.  Annual membership applies.

Non—swim member              N/A             £12.00              Annual membership due 1st April or a year after joined.



NAME                                     WIMBORNE WAGTAILS

SORT CODE                          30 97 08  

ACCOUNT NUMBER             00816854

NB If any swimmer needs help to set up a standing order Alex can assist.



  • Jacqui will be resigning as Chairman and Trustee at the AGM in April 2020 but will continue volunteering in the pool. 

  • Alex will also be resigning at the AGM as Vice Chair but will continue as Treasurer and Secretary and concentrate on those roles. 

So we urgently need volunteers to step forward and help run YOUR Club.  Please do come along to a committee meeting to see if you would like to become involved.  Contact Alex to arrange.


11.15am - 12.00pm

Session 1

Open session - no lanes

Recreational swim/Rehabilitation/Learn to swim or stroke technique

Swim teachers available


12.00pm -12.15pm - Fun session

12.15pm - 1.00pm

Session 2



Swim helpers available



JACQUI (07717 853869),
ALEX (01202 826443),
ROS (01202 883548)
OR DAVE (01258 858675).



Please click icon to download a copy of swimming info

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